MYMA is a consulting company that offers environmental management services for companies in the mining, energy, water and infrastructure sectors.

Our goal is to create value in our client´s companies, contributing with our knowledge of environmental and sectoral regulations to the sustainable development of their projects.

The MYMA founders have been involved in environmental management issues since 1996, participating from both, the public and private sectors. This vocation leads to, in 2006, the creation of MYMA, with the vision of supporting projects in the mining sector and complementary industries.

MYMA is registered as an environmental consultant in the Environmental Impact Assessment Service of Chile, is a member company of the Chilean Association of Engineering Consulting Companies, and it is certified by ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, granted by Quality Austria.

At MYMA we have a team of highly competent professionals in the fields of engineering and environmental sciences, allowing us to cover all the requirements to obtain the environmental and sectoral permits of our clients.

MYMA´s team implements the best strategies according to the specific needs of our clients, in any of the development phases of their projects.


  • Environmental and social due diligence for greenfield and brownfield projects.
  • Site-specific evaluations and strategies design.
  • Environmental pre-feasibility analysis for new projects.
  • Identification, mediation and relationship with interested parties.
  • Expert judgment reports.
  • Relevance of entering the Environmental Impact Assessment System.


  • Elaboration and processing of Consultations of Relevance of Entry to the Environmental Impact Assessment System.
  • Environmental and social baselines, engineering of hydraulic works and air quality modeling.
  • Elaboration and processing of Environmental Impact Studies and Environmental Impact Statements.
  • Peer review (Environmental Evaluations and Permits).
  • Community management and citizen participation processes.


  • Master Plan for applicable sectoral permits.
  • Elaboration and processing of sectoral permits.
  • Elaboration and processing of Closure Plans for mining sites.


  • Environmental compliance audits.
  • Integral advice to ensure environmental compliance and control the risk of sanctioning action from the Superintendency of the Environment.
  • Response reports to the environmental authority and other Public Services